Promoting intergenerational cooperation between schools

Dec 7, 2022

More and more schools are joining the international Senior Friendly School programme, which was set up as part of the European project Seniors for Education, funded by the ERASMUS+ programme.

Expanding the campaign is one of our objectives. That is why we organised meetings on 20 and 21 September to promote this initiative.

On the first day, we invited local government officials, representatives of the education and teaching communities to the Krzysztofory building in Krakow. On the following day – at Kraków’s Kijów cinema – we spoke about the campaign with senior citizens of Malopolska, representing a variety of senior citizens’ organisations.

The subject of both meetings was to discuss the aims and benefits of cooperation between the local community and schools, intergenerational exchange and activating the oldest residents of the municipalities. We encouraged both groups to carry out educational activities for senior citizens, based on the programmes developed. The rules for joining the campaign and its achievements to date were also presented.

The speakers talked about the training programmes for participating seniors being implemented in four European countries and the experiences of seniors abroad.

“As a school director, I can assure you of the many benefits of the project for all groups involved in this programme. In Poskwitow we are keen to cooperate with the elderly. Recently, our kids, together with participants of the Senior Citizens’ Club, took part in planting honey plants together,” says Monika Świątek

The culmination of activities promoting the Senior Friendly School campaign at the 10th International Senior Festival in Kraków was the awarding of Senior Friendly School certificates to fifteen schools from Małopolska.