“When we were small children, we all played dress-up and everybody had a good time. So why stop?” – Iris Apfel

Hi! Welcome to the Senior-friendly School campaign’s website. We are here to present to you our idea for intergenerational cooperation of schools and the local community.

Why do we do it? Because we are all getting older!

We want to raise awareness of the great value and importance of the elderly people in our societies. The way we perceive old age, treat older people, understand their needs and barriers will pay off later. Let’s teach our kids tolerance and positive attitude towards seniority from the earliest years of their life.
Learn about our activities and good practices, get to know the partner schools, discover our solutions and get involved in the campaign as a school partner, parent or teacher!

For Schools

Senior-Friendly School unites generations through collaboration of schools (headmasters, teachers), students, parents and seniors for mutual education, exchange of experience, integration of the local community and activation of seniors.
Join the international campaign! Become a Senior-Friendly School!


Schools have been uniting communities for ages. The Senior-Friendly School campaign is a response to the need for social activation of seniors and building a positive image of seniors in the society.
Through giving them a chance to feel useful, and skills that help them to be more involved in citizens’ lives, we are going to boost cooperation between schools and the seniors.

How to become a Senior-Friendly School?

  • If you are a Headmaster – contact us and sing a declaration
  • prepare an Action Plan for the school to schedule activities involving seniors
  • organize activities defined in the Action Plan (i.e. organize a launching event, introducing the Senior-Friendly School campaign to the school’s community, organizing 2 workshops for kids facilitated by senior-trainer per school year)

What does the school get?

  • a title and a certificate of a Senior-Friendly School grated officially during the school event opening the campaign at school
  • Promotion of the school as a senior-friendly school through project’s dissemination tools and activities – project website and partners’ social media.
  • (for polish version: promotion of the school as senior-friendly through partners’ promotional tools and our media: Głos Seniora, website, facebook, Głos Seniora TV and during the events for seniors)
  • Positive image of the school in the community
    Interesting extracurricular activities for students, facilitated by seniors to be defined in the Action Plan
  • Intergenerational events and activities: contests, Seniors’ Day, etc.
  • (for Polish version) educational packages to be distributed by students to their grandparents, containing „Głos Seniora” Magazine and other informative and promotional materials for seniors.
  • (for Polish version) increased teachers’ competences through set of workshops scenarios on active aging
  • (for polish version) a ready for use package of educational materials and lessons plans on active aging
    Through collaboration, organization of common activities and engaging seniors, the school will get engaged volunteers and help in organization of school community events.
    Developing and strengthening intergenerational ties between students, teachers and involved seniors
  • More engaged and aware students


For Parents

Most of the parents want the best education for their children. School is not only about teaching subjects like math, biology, and mother tongue. It is also about learning between the lines, participating in extracurricular courses, acquiring social competencies, and shaping characters


The Senior-Friendly School program gives the kids an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that envisages cooperation and intergenerational integration. The Action Plan for the activities is defined by each school, and there are some options:

  • the event launching the Senior-Friendly School campaign in the school
  • interesting extracurricular workshops facilitated by the seniors trained in the framework of Seniors for Education project.
  • contests engaging seniors and kids
  • common trips, events
  • imagination is the limit!

However in order to become a Senior-Friendly School the your kid’s school only has to organize the launching event and 2 workshops for kids. As a parent you can encourage the headmaster to increase the impact of the campaign.
If you want the school to be more open for the community, more engaged in shaping empathy, open-mindedness, tolerance and positive attitude towards seniors, support our campaign! Allow your kid to participate!



For the Community

We are all growing older. Society needs to familiarize with old age as a natural process, and build mutual understanding between generations to be able to support each other and make the most of knowledge and skills of people of various ages…


An individual’s age, gender, level of knowledge, interaction with old adults, cultural influences, and the media are all factors that may influence how the elderly is perceived by
members of society. Additionally, there are a lot of misconceptions about older adults since most people are not knowledgeable about aging.

With this project we are going to boost intergenerational relations and raise awareness of people in small communities. Through the international campaign we promote skills development for older workers and lifelong learning to raise their productivity, labour market and social participation. Education has the potential to improve their skills and knowledge and enable people to lead more active and fulfilling lives.

In the end the local community gets:

  • engaged, aware and motivated youth
  • benefits from learning from each other
  • strengthened ties between the school, parents, kids and representatives of older generations
  • People awareness of ageing society


For Seniors

Education-Activation-Integration! These are three words that constitute the main idea of the campaign. We invite seniors to support the campaign and counteract the negative stereotypes related to old age.


If you have an interesting occupation, life-experience and would like to share with school kids, don’t hesitate. As seniors you have the power to overcome all the misconceptions related to seniors. Society needs to familiarize with old age as a natural process, and build mutual understanding between generations to be able to support each other and make the most of knowledge and skills of people of various age.
We are here to help you to contribute to the development of positive image of seniors in the society.
Within the project you can:

  • develop new skills
  • make use of your knowledge, skills and life-experience during workshops with kids or as ambassador of the campaign
  • engage in the life of the school community and spend free time on helping the school
  • become more aware of young people needs, thoughts approach to life
  • shape positive image of the seniors community in the eyes of young generations
  • feel a part of the society, more needed and accepted


For Kids

Schools have great potential for raising awareness, shaping attitudes and education on social issues. The project offers a variety of extracurricular activities that help the kids to familiarize with ageing


The Senior-Friendly School campaign unites generations and offers for kids:

  • interesting extracurricular activities with seniors
  • increase knowledge of various topics and learning interesting skills (arts, crafts,cooking, etc.) that seniors can teach
  • raised awareness of aging and their role in supporting seniors
  • The sense of tolerance and respect for human rights no matter the age
  • Shaping social skills and attitudes
Transnational Project Meeting in Ireland
Transnational Project Meeting in Ireland

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Joint Staff Training
Joint Staff Training

On 11-15 October 2021 educators and trainers from organizations from Poland, Turkey, Slovenia and Ireland were hosted by ELHEM in Elmadag (Ankara) for the training.  The so-called joint staff training was an opportunity to pilot and discuss the training programs that...

Primary school in Poskwitów (Poland)
Primary school in Poskwitów (Poland)

We act multigenerationally! Primary school in Poskwitów (Poland) Under the Senior-Friendly School Program, kids from the public primary school in Poskwitów and municipality citizens took part in the Seniors’ Day organized by the school.  All participants in the event...


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